Overcome Depression & Sadness...  Immediately begin living the Life of your Dreams!


This way to happiness! 



pursuit of happiness.




how to overcome




putting the new ideas
into practice.



The 3 easy steps are provided in 6 parts
workshops, CDs, or audio downloads),
plus a workbook to track your progress...


pursuit of happiness.



prepare for success.



winning attitude.



support team.



education plan.



do the work.




Learn the insightful and proven method
to Overcome Depression & Sadnesss
that lifted this working mother out
of her 38 year depression forever!




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Step 1


Growing up, you don't know
what you don't know...


"The Pursuit of Happiness"

Being able to sustain hope
in your life is an essential skill,
but not one that you are born with.

A healthy, positive, hopeful attitude
is developed over time with an
understanding that life is amazing!

Given the harsh experiences
that so many people have endured
in life, some people believe
they will never be happy.

Well, seeking joy & happiness
is everyone's birthright &
I'm here to show you how...



"How to Overcome Depression"

In my own experience of
being depressed for over 38 yrs,
I found there are some
essential skills that a person
needs to have, in order to
transition out of being depressed
to allow for seeking, feeling
experiencing happiness.

Moving through the old belief
systems of fear &
allowing yourself
to have joyful experiences
requires a process of healing
the thoughts, ideas, & beliefs
that perpetuate the depression.

Step 2


Circumstances beyond your control
often don't make sense, yet define your world...


Step 3


Though always pretending to be happy,
at some point in your life, you just have to decide
that you (& everyone else) deserve true happiness...

"Putting New Ideas into Practice!"

Once you have the tools
& new perspective for life,
you must begin applying
the new ideas in your own life.

Reading about the new ideas 
isn't enough, because change
requires action...

Improving your life
begins with changing the way
you view your own life,
your past, present, future, 
& the world around you.

And I'm here to show you how...


It's a sad truth, but far too many people
don't know what genuine Love & Joy feels like
(it's that burst of eternal sunshine & bliss 
that takes over all your senses),
because if they did, they would strive
to fill their lives with nothing else...


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"When you align with your heart,

the Universe will support you 
in achieving your goals!"




This comprehensive
easy to use program
is available for you now...

Don't wait for life
to change for the better,
change yourself first,
then create the life
you really want & deserve!



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